Why is it so hard to start training?

Nov 4, 2022


Learning martial arts is great for your physical fitness, mental health, mental fortitude and self-defense. The thing is- you already know this. Despite so many proven benefits, why do so many people find it so hard to get started?

You might tell yourself you’re too busy, too tired, too whatever. But here’s the thing. Not many people just “have time” to train or extra funds sitting around, or extra energy at the end of the day. Commit. Make it important. Make it a PRIORITY. Make it happen.

Next time you start to say, “I want to train, but I just don’t have time,” change it to: “I want to train, but I just don't make it a priority.” At least then, you’re honest with yourself. Sometimes, that’s the first step.

But don’t let the honesty with yourself stop there.

Where is your energy, time and maybe even money going that isn’t helping you reach your life, health and fitness goals? Where are your priorities misaligned with what you truly desire and NEED in order to be the best version of yourself? What are the REAL reasons that you don’t make it a priority to go to the gym?

Are you anxious

about being a beginner & not “getting it” right away?

First, understand there is nothing wrong with being a beginner. Each one of us, even the Black Belts, has been a beginner. We've all struggled, felt silly, gotten frustrated, but we stayed dedicated. We put in the time, effort and practice to get to where we are... but we haven't stopped learning. There is no end point to improving ourselves; it's all about the journey! However, you won't do it alone! Because we've all been there, we know how it feels to be a beginner, to feel lost or impatient, and we're all here to help! You coaches and fellow members are a community of support for you to learn from and lean on throughout your martial arts journey. You won't be an expert overnight, but you NEVER will be if you don't start.  We make it simple to ease in before making a commitment- start with just a 2-Week Trial Membership!

Do you feel too exhausted 

after work & life responsibilities to make it to training?

Get up early! Sound counterintuitive, right? We know. But studies have show that physical exercise leads to active individuals having MORE energy throughout the day. Again, this my not happen overnight. It may take some adjustment to get to bed a little earlier, set an alarm (or a couple) to force yourself out of bed, getting your training gear and work attire ready the night before, but it will be a habit worth making. Not only will it help your natural energy levels, but you get it out of the way early, and if for some reason you don't end up making it, you have a second opportunity in the evening. Come try our 6am or 7am classes every week day! (We have a shower on site, so you can head straight to work after training!)
Still lacking energy? This may be a sign that you are lacking in proper nutrition & vitamins. We can help with that, too! We've partnered with Body Legacy for the supplementation of any gaps in your nutrition and Vitality Quick Drip for IV Therapy & B12 Shots, whether that's for hydration, vitamins and minerals, or a full performance and immunity boost! (discount codes: STREETJITSU)

Are you lacking motivation

to learn, practice and stay consistent?

Motivation is overrated. Motivation fades. Motivation requires tons of maintenance.
DISCIPLINE is where results are found. You just have to DO IT, even when you don't feel like it.
Keep in mind that any habit takes at least 21 days to make or break. This is why we say your first 30 days with us are so important! This said, be realistic with your goals, be forgiving to yourself, but also be accountable. If you're not already used to training 3 or 4 times a week, setting a goal of training every day is a big commitment to make overnight! (And unfortunately, one most people will fail at meeting!) So maybe you set a goal of 3 times per week. If only make it twice, DON'T GIVE UP... just try it again the next week!
As you fall in love with your training, your learning, your results and start to form a habit, it will get easier. Take it one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time. Before you know it, it's a priority in your life! The great thing about being a part of a tight-knit martial arts community, is that you have more than just your coaches motivating & supporting you. Your peers will start to hold you accountable, get you excited for each class, offer support and help you improve. We also offer one-on-one training for specific focused training to keep you engaged or get you re-engaged. 


Is time, cost or adaptability

to your needs a hesitation for you?

We have so many options, that there is something for everyone! We offer morning, lunchtime, and evening classes (plus have a shower on site in case you need to head straight to work or anywhere else from here!) Want to come in and drill on your own? You get 24/7 access. Prefer to get one-on-one training around your scheduled? We offer that, too! Additionally, you also get access to our other two DFW Street Jitsu locations located in Justin and Roanoke.
Whether you are looking for the flexibility of a month-to-month membership, the discounted rates of making a commitment to the gym, or the best deals possible by paying for a set time up front, we've got a plan for you! Only want to supplement your existing routine or membership? We have drop in passes, bulk pass packs, and limited use membership options as well! Maybe you have a child (or several children) but are worried about the cost of multiple memberships. We have an awesome family plan AND even have a Street Jitsu tuition scholarship program for which your child(ren) may qualify! Ask about our military & first responder discounts. 
Contact us and let's discuss your concerns and hesitations. Let's find a solution together & put you on a path for success in Mixed Martial Arts! 

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